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Japan Map(Text Version)

Text versionJapan Map(Sorry, using special characters)

Cold region
Hokkaido University, Mohri (Move to IMR, Tohoku Univ.), LMSM(Dr. Takizawa, Japanese version only) of Materials Modeling
Hokkaido University, RIES, LNP(Prof. Ishibashi, Lect. Kondo, Dr. Kaiju[Move to Nanostructured Functional Materials] -> Move to Keio Univ.)
Hokkaido University, CRIS, Prof. Terakura(Move to JAIST), Prof. Aizawa(Moved, Move from NIMS)
Related site:Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations
The 25th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-25) will be given at Autumn (2024) in Korea.
The 24th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-24) will be given at 30 October - 1 November (2023) in Fudan University, Shanghai(China)[Close].
The 23rd Asian Workshop(ASIAN-23) will be given at 31 October - 2 November (2022) in National Cheng Kung University(Taiwan)[Close].
The 22nd Asian Workshop(ASIAN-22) will be given at 28 October - 30 October (2019) in Osaka University Hall, Toyonaka, Osaka(Japan)[Close].
The 21th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-21) will be given at 29 October - 31 October (2018) in Fusion Hall, KI Building, KAIST, Daejeon(Korea)[Close].
The 20th Asian Workshop(https page, ASIAN-20) will be given at 30 October - 1 November (2017) in Nanjing University, Nanjing(China)[Close].
The 19th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-19) will be given at 31 October - 2 November (2016) in D-Link Hall, B001, Science Building III, National Chiao Tung University(Taiwan)[Close].
The 18th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-18) was given at 9-11 November (2015) in ISSP (Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan)[Close].
The 17th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-17) was given at 2-5 November (2014) in Korea[Close].
The 16th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-16) was given at 27-30 October (2013) in Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building of Beijing(China)[Close].
The 15th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-15) was given at 5-7 November (2012) in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei(Taiwan)[Close].
The 14th Asian Workshop(ASIAN-14) was given at 31 October - 2 November (2011) in Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo(Japan)[Close].

Slightly Cold region
Tohoku University, Miyamoto Laboratory
Tohoku University, FRRI, Kubo Laboratory
Tohoku University, IMR, Kawazoe Laboratory(Prof. K. Ohno move to Yokohama National University, Dr. Nishimatsu)
Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists: PCoMS
Tohoku University, RIEC, Prof. M. Shirai Laboratory(Dr. Miura)
Tohoku University, Department of Applied Physics, Research
Tohoku University, Department of Physics, R. Saito Laboratory(Move from UEC)
Tohoku University, Dr. Yamagami(Move to Kyoto Sangyo University)
Tohoku University, IMRAM, Dr.
Uchida(Japanese version only)
Tohoku University, WPI-AIMR, Prof. Tsukada, Shluger-Akagi Laboratory
Iwate University, Prof. Baba, Nishidate Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Iwate University, Shindo Laboratory
Aomori Public College, Kamiyama Laboratory
Hirosaki University, Takegahara Laboratory

[Dr. Kobayashi][Dr. Arai][BandStructure][Author's Backup page(Unavailable)]
[NIMS][MANA][GREEN(Close)][Computational Materials Science Group][MI2I(Close)][TIA][NOiC]

April 1, 2015 : NIMS(Independent Administrative Institution --> National Research and Development Agency)
[MANA][CMSU(Old)][CMSC(Old)][FPSG][CNSG(Old)][MPTG(Old)][SCMG(Move to NSTPG-MANA)][TMG(Old)]

MANA International Symposium 2019, 4 March - 6 March(2019), Epochal Tsukuba(Tsukuba, Ibaraki)[Close]
Dr. T. Sasaki(Moved), Dr. T. Miyazaki, Dr. Nara, Dr. M. Saito(Move to Kanazawa University), Dr. Yamasaki, Dr. M. Ikeda, Dr. T. Ohno, Dr. Arai, Dr. Maezono(Move to JAIST), Dr. I. Solovyev, Dr. Suehara, Dr. Inoue, Dr. Aizawa(Move to CRIS), the author, the author2(from NIMS Researchers DB), the author3(from researchmap), Computational Phase Diagram Database (CPDDB)(Dr. Abe), Dr. Katagiri(Moved to Quantum Beam Unit)
[CompES-X(NIMS)][Related page:DICE(NIMS)][Related page2:MDR(NIMS)]
[MatEX] at CMSC(Old), NIMS

[NIMS WEEK 2020], 25 - 27 November, Online[Close]

ICSG(Dr. Tateyama)
MI2I, Dr. Kino
ERMU, CMG, Dr. Umezawa(MANA[Moved])
NIRIM,NRIM(Old, Impossible to access)

Around here
Tsukuba University, Graduate School/[Master's/Doctoral Program in Physics][TCM] of Pure and Applied Sciences, Prof. Shiraishi[Move to Nagoya Univ., From NTT], Prof. Okada, Prof. Oshiyama(Move to AP, Dr. Otani[Move to ISSP], Dr. Gunji[HP Computer]) laboratories
Tsukuba University, Prof. M. Boero Laboratory(Moved to IPCMS, University of Strasbourg and CNRS [<-- University of Louis Pasteur])
Tsukuba University, [CCS], Otani Laboratory(Move from AIST)
Tsukuba University, [SMS](Nakao, S. Suzuki Laboratories, Okazaki(Retired), Fujita(Deceased) Laboratories
Tsukuba University, GSPAS, Applied Physics, N. Kobayashi Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Tsukuba University, GSPAS, Theoretical Condensed Matter, Ono Laboratory(Move to Kobe Univ.)
Tsukuba University, Yabana Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Tsukuba University, SLIS([Old]University of library and information science, 10/1, 2002, the merger of Tsukuba Univ. and ULIS), Prof. Wakoh(Retired, [WSL]), Matsumoto Laboratory(Japanese version only)
NRI/AIST, [Dr. Kawamoto][QQC-BBS,SEARCH(Close)]
[RICS](Old), Dr. Miyazaki, Dr. Orita, Dr. Morikawa(Move to Osaka University), Dr. Ozaki(Move to JAIST), Dr. Morishita, Dr. Tsuchida, Dr. Miyake(Move from TITECH), Dr. Otani(Move from ISSP)(Move to Tsukuba Univ.), Dr. Miyamoto(Move from NEC), Dr. Terakura(NIMS, RCIS[JAIST], [CRIS] in Hokkaido Univ.), etc., JRCAT(Closed)
AIST, Dr. Hase
NEC, Band calculation group(Dr. Sugino[Move to ISSP] and Dr. Miyamoto[Move to AIST], Dr. M. Saito[Move to NIMS], etc.)
Sumitomo Kagaku, Band calculation group(Dr. M. Yoshida[Deceased] and Dr. Zenpo(Move to Hosei University[CIS]), etc.)
TI, Dr. S. Kobayashi(Tokyo, at present[Moved]), Dr. Kimura
JAEA, CCSE(move to Kashiwa campus)

ISSP move to [Kashiwa].
Tokyo University, Aoki Laboratory(Dr. Arita[Move to RIKEN], Dr. Tamura[Move], Prof. Tsukada[3/31, 2004, Retired], Move to Waseda University])
Tokyo University, Tsuneyuki Laboratory(Dr. Gohda[Move to TITECH], Dr. Akagi[Move to Tohoku Univ.])
Tokyo University, Department of Applied Physics, Oshiyama Laboratory(Move to Nagoya Univ., Move from Tsukuba Univ.), Arita Laboratory(Move to Riken, Move from RIKEN)
Tokyo University, Fujiwara Laboratory(Dr. S. Yamamoto[Move to TEU], Dr. Hoshi[Move to Tottori Univ.])
Tokyo University, School of Engineering, S. Watanabe Laboratory(Dr. T. Yamamoto: move from TUS, move to TUS)
Tokyo University, Prof. Izumi[Old]
Tokyo University, IIS, Umeno Laboratory(Move from Kyoto Univ.)
Tokyo University, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Yoshimoto Laboratory
Tokyo University, Prof. Kaneta(Moved)
Tokyo University(Komaba), Prof. Asano(Retired --> NCUEE)
Tokyo University of Technology, SCS, S. Yamamoto Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Chuo University, Y. Ishii Laboratory(From Himeji Institute of Technology)
Nihon University, Satoko Laboratory(Impossible to access, Japanese version only), Ishida Laboratory(Japanese version only), Y. Kubo Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Tokyo University of Science, Kamimura, K. Watanabe Laboratories (QSCM[Database], Dr. T. Yamamoto[Move to Tokyo University])
Tokyo University of Science, T. Yamamoto Laboratory(Move from Tokyo University]
Tokyo Institute of Technology, S. Saito Laboratory(Dr. Miyake[Move to AIST])
LDA DOS of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (DB at Saito lab)
Tokyo Institute of Technology, MSL, Matsushita Laboratory(Japanese version only)
TITECH, Dr. M. Nakayama(Move to NITECH)
Ochanomizu University, Kobayashi Laboratory
University of Electro-Communications, R. Saito Laboratory(Move to phys, Tohoku University)
University of Electro-Communications, Prof. Natori(Retired), J. Nakamura Laboratory(Japanese version only, Prof. J. Nakamura, move from RIKEN)
University of Electro-Communications, N. Sasaki Laboratory(Move from Seikei Univ.)
Tokyo Women's Medical College, Prof. Yamaguchi
Seikei University, Sakamoto Laboratory
Seikei University, N. Sasaki Laboratory(Move to UEC, Japanese version only)
Aoyama-Gakuin University, Dr. Shiotani(Deceased)
IHI, Dr. Eguchi
ARK INNOVATION CO., LTD(Dr. Higai, Move from Murata)
Advance Soft(Dr. Uda[Move from HITACHI, Move to ASMS])
BRI, CAMM Forum(https page, Japanese version only)
West-North(Not North-West) of Miyako
Waseda University, Souda Laboratory
Waseda University, Takeda Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Waseda University, NSNE, Tsukada Laboratory(WPI-AIMR[Tohoku Univ.], move from Tokyo University)
Waseda University, Condensed-Matter Science Laboratory
Waseda University, Nakai Laboratory

Around Miyako(Tokyo)
Keio University, Physics(riron lab), Prof. Yonezawa(Retired, deceased), Yamauchi(Move from Toshiba) Laboratory, Prof. Nose(Deceased)
Symposium on "Progress and Future Prospects in Molecular Dynamics Simulation -In Memory of Professor Shuichi Nose", 6/6 - 6/8 [Close], Yagami Campus(Keio Univ.)
"International Symposium on Extended Molecular Dynamics and Enhanced Sampling: Nose Dynamics 30 Years", 10-11 November(2014), Mita campus, Keio Univ.(Tokyo)[Close]
ISSP, Tsuneyuki Laboratory(Move to phys, Tokyo Univ.)
[ISSP], Sugino Laboratory(Dr. Yoshimoto[Move to Tottori Univ.], Dr. Noguchi[Move to Shizuoka Univ.], Dr. Otani[Move to AIST, Move from Tsukuba Univ.]), Akai Team(Move from Osaka univ.)
ISSP [CCMS(Japanese version only)]
MateriApps(ISSP)((Old)MateriApps[A Portal Site of Materials Science Simulation, CMSI])[MateriApps Live](CMSI, Japanese version only)
Science University of Tokyo(Noda), Hamada Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Chiba University, T. Nakayama Laboratory
Meiji University, Tsumuraya Laboratory
Tokyo Institute of Technology, MSL, Hosono-Kamiya Laboratory
Tokyo Institute of Technology, MSL, Oba-Kumagai Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Tokyo Institute of Technology, DMSE, Gohda Laboratory(Move from Tokyo Univ.)
Tokyo Institute of Technology(Nagatsuda), Jindo(Deceased) Laboratory
Yokohama National University, K. Ohno Laboratory(Japanese version only, From Tohoku University)
Kanagawa Institute of Technology, K. Yamamoto Laboratory
Kanto-Gakuin University, Shimada Laboratory
Chiba Keizai College, Nishikawa Laboratory
Toshiba, Band calculation group(Dr. S. Ito[Move to R-CCS(AICS[Old], Riken) --> JST --> Mi2i --> Univ. of Hyogo], Dr. Kato, Dr. Yamauchi[Move to Keio University], etc.)
Mitsubishi Kagaku, Dr. Mikami
Nippon Steel, Band calculation group(Dr. Matsumiya, Dr. Sawada etc.)
Fujitsu, Band calculation group(Dr. Tanida, Dr. M. Ikeda[Move to NIMS], Dr. Yamasaki[Move to NIMS], etc.)
NTT, Band calculation group(Dr. Shiraishi[move to Tsukuba University)], Dr. Kageshima(Move to Shimane Univ.), Dr. Taguchi[Deceased], etc.)
Hitachi, Band calculation group(Dr. Ihara, Dr. Okamoto, etc.)
Hitachi, Kiso-ken, Dr. Suwa, Dr. Uda(Move to Advance Soft)
Canon, Dr. Oikawa
Sony, Dr. Miura
RIKEN, CAL, Dr. Ebisuzaki, Dr. Iitaka
RIKEN, Strong Correlation Physics Division, First-Principles Materials Science Research Team(Dr. Arita)[FPMSRT]
RIKEN, CMTL(Dr. Arita:Move to Tokyo Univ. <-- Move from Tokyo Univ.])

Toward Sunset
Kanazawa University, Hiwatari(Retired), T. Oda Laboratory(Japanese version only), CPM(Prof. M. Saito, Japanese version only, F. Ishii Group)
Kanazawa University, Tago Laboratory(Dr. Senda move to Yamaguchi Univ.)
Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Takano Laboratory
Niigata University, Hasegawa and Kusakabe(Move to Osaka University, Japanese version only) Laboratories
Niigata University, Nuclear Theory, Yabana Laboratory(Move to Tsukuba University)
Tottori University, Mechanical and Physical Engineering(MPE)([Old]DAMP), Prof. T. Hoshi, A. Ishii Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Tottori University, Kotani(Japanese version only), Yoshimoto[Move to Tokyo Univ., Move from Tokyo Univ.] Laboratory(Prof. Nagara, Dr. Sakakibara)
Shimane University, H. Tanaka Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Shimane University, Department of Applied Physics, Kageshima Laboratory(Move from NTT)
JAIST(https page), RCIS, Prof. Terakura(Move from Hokkaido Univ., NIMS), Ozaki(Move to CMSI[Kobe]) Laboratory(OpenMX, Move from AIST)
JAIST, SIS, Lect. Maezono(TCM) group(Japanese version only, Move from NIMS)

Around Center
Camp project(Camp-Atami)
NITECH, Prof. S. Ogata Laboratory(Move from Yamaguchi University)
NITECH, Prof. M. Nakayama[Moving(Japanese version only)](Move from TITECH)
Nagoya Univ., Shiraishi Laboratory(Japanese version only)(Move from Tsukuba Univ., Japanese version only, Oshiyama Laboratory[Move from Tokyo Univ.])[IMaSS]
JFCC(Dr. Moriwake)
Shizuoka University, Prof. Asada(Retired), T. Hoshino, Kokado Laboratories
Shizuoka University, GSST, T. Hoshino Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Shizuoka University, T. Yamaguchi Laboratory
Shinshu University, Prof. Terao(Retired) and Prof. Yamada(Retired) Laboratory
Mie University, MIE-CUTE,T. Ito Laboratory(Dr. K. Nakamura)
Toyota, Band calculation group(Dr. Fukumoto and Dr. Miwa, etc.)
AIST, RICS(Old:Nagoya National Research Institute), Dr. Maruyama
FDK, Dr. A. Kato
Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Dr. T. Yamamoto(Move to Kochi University of Technology)

Old Miyako(Kyoto)
Kyoto University, Nakatsuji Laboratory(QCRI)
Kyoto University, Kitamura Laboratory, Dr. Umeno[Move to IIS, Tokyo Univ.])
Kyoto University, Prof. Adachi(DV-Xalpha), Prof. Nishitani(Move to Kwansei Gakuin Univ.), I. Tanaka Laboratory
Kyoto University, ESISM
[IIAS], Dr. Kanamori[Deceased]
Kyoto Institute of Technology, (Prof. Goto move to Hirose lab.)
Kyoto Sangyo University, Yamagami Laboratory(Japanese version only, From Tohoku University)

Osaka University, SANKEN([Old]ISIR), CMP/CNMD Laboratory ([Former H. Yoshida Lab.], Prof. Oguchi[Move from Hiroshima Univ.], Prof. K. Shirai, Prof. Harima[Move to Kobe University])
Osaka University, Prof. Akai(Moved --> ISSP ), Kuroki Laboratory(Prof. K. M. Slevin, Dr. Sakamoto, Dr. Geshi(Moved) and Dr. Kotani[Move to ASU, USA --> move to Tottori Univ.])
Computational Materials Design (CMD) Workshop- [Spring 2024], 19 February - 23 February, 2024, Online
Osaka University, Prof Miyagi(Retired), Prof. Suzuki(Retired -> (Old)QSST[Japanese version only, Kansai Univ.]), H. Yoshida(Move to CSRN, Tokyo Univ.) Laboratory[Close], Kusakabe Laboratory(Move to University of Hyogo), (Dr. Nagara[Retired --> Tottori Univ.], Prof. Geshi, Prof. M. Shirai move to [RIEC]) Laboratory
Osaka University, Kitagawa[Retired], New Laboratory (April 1, 2020): Microdynamics Laboratory([Old]Nakatani Laboratory[Thank you for information, Dr. Ogata move to TSME.])
Osaka University, Hirose, Morikawa Laboratory(Prof. Goto, Dr. Inagaki, Dr. Ono[Move to Tsukuba Univ.])
Osaka University, Shibutani Laboratory
Osaka University, TSME, Ogata Laboratory
Osaka University, Division of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Nitta(Retired), Prof. Nakano(Deceased) QCEG(Prof. Kitagawa, +of. Takahashi[Move to Tohoku Univ.])
Osaka University, Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Yoshiya Laboratory
AIST, RIECEN Laboratory, Dr. S. Tanaka, Dr. Kohyama
Osaka University, [T-SPACE](Prof. Yanase, Japanese version only)
Matsushita, Band calculation group(Dr. Hatta, etc)
Sumitomo metals

Around Osaka
Himeji Institute of Technology(Old name), Y. Ishii(Prof. Ishii move to Chuo University) Laboratory
University of Hyogo, Faculty of [Science] (Old: Himeji Institute of Technology), Theoretical Physics I(Prof. Sakai, Prof. Shima, Japanese version only)
University of Hyogo (Himeji Institute of Technology), Faculty of Science, Theoretical Physics II(Prof. Kusakabe[Move from Osaka Univ.])(Prof. Hasegawa, Prof. Takahashi)
Ryukoku University, Department of Materials Chemistry, Wada Laboratory
Kobe University, Condensed Matter Theory [Group], Prof. Harima(Move from Osaka University)
Kobe University, Prof. Miyoshi, Ogawa Laboratory(Prof. Tsuchiya)
Kobe University, Ono Laboratory(Japanese version only)
CMSI(Kobe), Ozaki Laboratory(CCMS[ISSP], Move from JAIST)
Wakayama University, M. Oda Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Murata, Dr. Higai(Move to ARK INNOVATION)
SPring-8, CMT group(Dr. T. Ikeda)
SPring-8, Dr. Usuda(Moved)
More Old Miyako(Nara)
Nara Kenritsu Ika Daigaku, Prof. Hirai
Nara Women's University, Dr Kiyokawa

Chuugoku region(Not China)
Hiroshima University, Oguchi(Move to Osaka Univ., FPCG[Old]) and Jo(ADSM) Laboratories
Hiroshima University, (K. Hoshino) Laboratory(Prof. Munejiri, Dr. Shimojo move to Kumamoto University.)
Hiroshima University, Higuchi Laboratory
Okayama University of Science, Prof. Yoshimori(Deceased), Solid State Theory Laboratory(Prof. Kakitani)(Japanese version only)
Okayama University of Science, Prof. Mochizuki(Deceased)
Yamaguchi University, Matsuura(Retired), Yamamoto Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Yamaguchi University, Prof. Senda(Move from Kanazawa Univ.)
Yamaguchi University, Prof. S. Ogata Laboratory(Move to NITECH)

Shikoku region
Kochi University of Technology, T. Yamamoto Laboratory
Ehime University, GRC, Prof. T. Tsuchiya

Warm region
Kagoshima University, Ishida, Nagayoshi and Fujii Laboratory
Kumamoto University, Shimojo Laboratory
Kumamoto University, Mayama and Tsumuraya Laboratory(Japanese version only)
Kyushu University, RIAM, Prof. Kuramoto(Retired), Prof. Yagi, Kasuya Laboratory
Kyushu Institute of Technology, i-ENERON(Japanese version only)
Kitakyushu National College of Technology, Matsushima Laboratory


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