Calculated Results by using NCPS95(97)(2K)

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Calculated Results of electrocnic band structures for a variety of systems
[Non Periodic Table] of elements for NCPS95
[Table of Atoms] of NCPS2K+ (png, file, 59kbytes, 3/24 2004)
Calculated lattice parameters(Lattice constants and bulk modulus)
[TableIV(postscript,52kbytes)][TableV(postscript,very large,386kbytes)][TableVI(postscript,very large,92kbytes)]


[Re(pcc,PZ,hcp)| c = 4.447 A | a = 2.750 A | B = 406 GPa(= 4.06 Mbar) |] (New PS, 11/7, 2007)
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