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[Banner](Japanese), Some texts on banner images are Japanese.

Horizontal Banners

Banner of NCPS2K. sample A (Example of link)
11/1, 2001, At present, png images (files) are only available.
Banner samples(PNG images, maximally about 3 kb)
Banner of NCPS2K. sample A Banner of NCPS2K. sample B Banner of NCPS2K. sample C
Banner of Bandmap. sample A
Banner of Band. sample A

Above sample banners are available. Forbidden to make bad use of these banners[Copyright].
(Wall paper sample for NCPS2K, PNG format, 91kb. 11/25, 2002, Updated)
(How to set wall paper on your machine?)
On Windows95 or 98, if you use "Internet Explore" or "Netscape", Please push right click button of mouse on above image and select menu item of "set a wall paper"(I do not know the exact message of English version of Windows95, 98).
It is possible to download above image as a BMP format file on the same menu of right click of mouse as "Save this image as"(Also I do not know the exact message.).

On UNIX OS(Digital UNIX), it is possible to download this picture by clicking right button of mouse on above image(Please select "Save this image as" on menu).

Banners are made by using "Title Tinker ver. 1.70"(Friction River Software[in Japanese]).

Please see [No Warranty].
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