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On this CD-R(CD-Recordable), the DATA of the author's Web Pages and NCPS97(2K) are recorded. A process of recording is as follows.
  1. Constructing the home page (WWW data) and NCPS97(2K) on a UNIX machine.
  2. Transfering WWW and NCPS97(2K) data from the UNIX machine to PC (Windows95, Gateway 2000, G6-200 with CD-R drive).
  3. Recording WWW data to CD-R media (Joliet format, available for Windows95,98,Me,2000,XP, WindowsNT[ver4.0], PC-UNIX[TurboLinux ver3.0, 4.0, Linux-MLD III, etc.]) by using the writing software "CD CREATER" produced by COREL.

A list of directory is shown [here].
  1. A directory "/PS" is a home directory on the distributed CD-R. "/PS" has two directries as "/BUFF" and "/ps_database5". The "/BUFF"(except for "/WWW") and "/ps_database5" are for the pseudopotential database (NCPS97,2K).
  2. Recently(3/27, 1997), constructed pseudopotentials for 3d,4d and 5d transition metal in which a partial core correction is considered are appended at each sub-directory(indicated by _pcc) under "/ps_database5".
  3. The directory of "/BUFF" is for new data for pseudopotentials (Au,Bi,Ca,Cs,Hf,Hg,Ir,Li,Os,Po,Pt,Re,Ta,Tl,W) and the author's home page data ("/WWW").
  4. "/CE" and "/EU" are dummy(empty) directories at present.
  5. Most gif files are exchanged for PNG files under "/WWW/Public_html" directory.

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